The mRTU is a modular and scalable RTU capable of all remote automation and control applications. It integrates seamlessly with variety of SCADA and DCS system on standard protocols. It can be customized with different numbers of IOs and the features required as per the customer needs. It is designed to withstand harsh environments and can operate using minimal electricity, making it ideal for operating on solar power and for providing continuous monitoring and datalogging of various parameters like flow, pressure, temperature, current, voltage, etc.
mRTU RTU Features:

Communication Protocol:-
FTP Server,Telnet Server,Modbus Serial Slave,Modbus TCP Slave, HTTP Server,Email,DNP3 Slave,UA OPC Server,SNMP and SMS

Alarm Management, DataLogging, PID, Report By Exception, DAQ

Web based features:-
Configuration, File download, Firmware upgrade, Configuration upgrade, Storing multiple configuration version version, Security with different access level, Password change mechanism,Audit Trail, Time Setting, Network Setting,Statistics and Visualization.

Applications [Optional based on request]:-
ESP, NOC, RPC, Wet Gas Detection, AGA 3 and AGA8

Hardware Specifications:-
2 Analog Inputs, 1 Analog Output, 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs,1 Ethernet Port, 2 Serial Ports, RTC and Watchdog Timer.